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The Polish Language and Culture Association

Social integration

The 2011 census shows that Poles constitute 12 % of the population of Bedford – a city of 80,000, located 60 miles north of central London. According to recent demographic studies, this number has increased in recent years to up to 17 %, and as statistics show, the local community speaks over 130 languages. In these realities, people live side by side, different in many respects, not only race, nationality or culture, but also diverse in terms of identity or individual experiences. Living in such an environment not only poses challenges to residents, but also provides many opportunities for cooperation, getting to know each other and intertwining cultures, as well as creating a common and unique local community.

Our Initiatives

Our main goal – building positive relationships between the Polish community and local residents – is achieved through:

  • organising events inspired by Polish culture, art and history
  • arranging meetings for communities presenting different cultures and customs
  • giving presentations about the Polish national minority, Polish culture and PLCA
  • volunteering
  • cooperation with local services and institutions
  • cooperation with local, national and international media.


Volunteering with PLCA is a way to do something positive and inspiring for the local community and increase your employability through the experience and skills you gain. PLCA is also a place where you can meet new people, spend time in a nice atmosphere and experience great teamwork. We offer volunteering not only for adults, but also for young people, who can obtain references for employers, enter volunteering at our foundation into their UCAS profile or various grants, e.g. DofE – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

It is the input, feedback and support from volunteers that make PLCA a unique organisation. Thanks to them, our projects and the organisation itself gain additional value and diversity.

Events and Campaigns

PLCA Partner of the Educational Campaign "Awareness Pays Off"

The National Awareness Payss Off Program is a response to CURRENT NEEDS in the field of development and education. Self-awareness is having knowledge about yourself. Awareness allows you to precisely define your own experiences, needs, emotions and mechanisms of action. Full self-awareness also requires knowledge of your talents. Those who are aware of their abilities and possibilities are more self-confident, and self-awareness allows us to find the right path and understand our place in the world.

The aim of the program is building self-awareness, comprehensive mental development of children and young people, while creating a space for parents and teachers, making them aware of how to support the development of young people, without forgetting about themselves and their needs. After completing our program, we want every child to learn how to develop everything that is best in themselves – faith in themselves, their potential, dreams and possibilities.

Mrs. Agnieszka Derleta was one of the experts of the 2nd Edition of the Campaign

Promotion of Polish culture and language

Culture is a great tool for building strong relationships. We believe that the variety of events we offer give residents of Bedford and the surrounding area the opportunity to engage and learn about culture in many creative forms. We organise workshops addressed to recipients of different ages, we celebrate the traditions of Polish, English and other communities. All of this allows participants of our events to become part of the diverse culture of the local community.

Cultural events

The PLCA foundation was the originator and organiser of many cultural and integration events. Every year, it invites residents of Bedford and the surrounding area to discover Polish culture through various projects.

Cooperation with local schools

One of the main areas of the organisation’s activities is running the PLCA Polish school, which cooperates with English educational centres such as St Thomas More Catholic Teaching School, Mark Rutherford Secondary School.

Thanks to close cooperation with English schools in Bedford, Polish children and teenagers can participate in Polish language classes at the school where they study every day, during the so-called Polish After School Club. During the meetings, students receive professional support in the process of learning to write and read in Polish, as well as learn about Polish culture, geography and customs. Through stylistic and artistic work, as well as interesting language games, they can present their skills to their school peers, which increases their sense of value and belonging to a group. It is worth mentioning here that our students also include children for whom Polish is not their first language, and their interest in it and Polish culture develops along with establishing school friendships with Polish-speaking children.

Our staff also supports students and families for whom English is a second language. Teachers working in classes and in individual sessions help you to acquire language skills that allow you to master and fully understand the content of the English curriculum. We also translate meetings, school documentation and correspondence in situations where language barriers arise. Therefore, we help in the integration and acclimatisation process not only for Polish students and their families, but also for the broadly understood school community.

Cooperation with Polish and Polish organizations and institutions

Embassy and Consulate of the Republic of Poland in London

Polish diplomatic mission in the capital of Great Britain.

The history of diplomatic relations between Poland and Great Britain dates back to the 16th century. At the end of the 18th century, the Polish diplomatic mission was located, for example, in Manchester Square. The building was also the headquarters of the Polish embassy during World War II. Until it was bombed in 1940, it also served as the headquarters of the Polish Government in exile. After reconstruction, it served as an embassy, ​​just as it does today. The first headquarters of the Polish consulate in London was located at Upper Montague Street 2 Russell Square (1919-1939), then at Thornhaugh Street 2 Russell Square (1939), then at Portland Place (1939-), currently at 73 New Cavendish Street.

The Embassy and Consulate support the activities of PLCA by providing patronage to integration and cultural events, as well as financial and substantive support in running the Polish diaspora organisation.

"Wspólnota Polska" Association

The “Wspólnota Polska” Association is a non-governmental organisation established in February 1990 on the initiative of the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland of the first term, Prof. Andrzej Stelmachowski, who was president until 2008.


Song and Dance Ensemble "Kujawy" from Włocławek

The “Kujawy” Song and Dance Ensemble operating at the “Browar B” Cultural Centre in Włocławek is a folklore group conducting cultural and educational activities covering the folklore of many regions of Poland, with particular emphasis on Kujawy. In May 2015, the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of their artistic activity. For over a quarter of a century, they have been promoting Polish folklore, traditions and rituals, including: from Kujawy, Łowicz, Spisz, Rzeszów, Żywiec, Kraków and Kurpie. The group’s repertoire includes many dance, vocal and musical etudes, which they present on stages in Poland and abroad, promoting the city and the country. In addition to reproducing original dances, songs, music and folk costumes, the group also performs various shows related to rituals, including the Midsummer’s Night ritual.

The children and youth of the Group develop not only in terms of dance (movement), but also in terms of music and vocals. The classes also include coordination and fitness exercises. Every hour spent on the dance floor gives measurable results during stage presentations, but also in everyday life.

The team is not only a job, but also an opportunity to spend free time and travel around the world. Over the last decade alone, the team has visited about 10 countries across the continent, as well as in Asia. Moreover, they take part in competitions and reviews and organise training, fitness and recreation groups for their dancers.

Song and Dance Ensemble “Kujawy”

e-mail: kujawy@vp.pl