PLCA Polish School

Including preparation for GCSE, A-level and state exams in Polish.

The Polish Language and Culture Association

Face-To-Face, Hybrid And Online Classes

We offer interdisciplinary education in a Polish school for bi- and multilinguists, combining studies and knowledge with emotional, ecological and social intelligence.

We are a modern and well-organised institution where, using Polish and English, we teach content, culture, traditions and elements of Polish history and nature. The teaching methods we use utilise modern technologies which make the lessons attractive and productive. These methods support the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Polish and are adapted to the age and individual needs of students. The school enables the students’ comprehensive development, thanks to which it stimulates imagination and creativity, develops skills and faith in their own abilities and builds self-confidence.

An Open, Creative and Friendly School

If you want to see your child smiling and going to school with joy, come to us. We want our school to be a friendly and open place for everyone!

With us, every student has the opportunity to explore their creative ideas, art and music classes, school newspaper, student government, sports activities and performances (class, school and interschool tournaments).

With us, every student has the opportunity, together with teachers and parents, not only to learn, but also to have fun (festivals, performances, trips, picnics, sports day).

In our school, every teacher is kind and has an open heart to every child: they educate, advise, support and teach.

Our students' parents are our allies and co-create the educational space for their children.

Our school has a place for all those who, despite their distance from Poland, want to cultivate their “Polish roots” and care about preserving the Polish language, but above all, for those who want to be true Polish Ambassadors and citizens of the world now and in the future.

Work Methods Used in Our School

During lessons, we try to ensure a variety of methods, exercises and interactions.

We use elements of fun and drama, we use exercises based on cooperation and collaboration and we create situations imitating everyday life, thanks to which students use the language in an active and natural way, treating it primarily as a tool for communication. At the early stage of learning, we use exercises based on the whole-body response method (TPR), language games and activities, quizzes and competitions. Rhyme and rhythm play an important role – children learn songs, poems and rhythmic texts. Various “props” are used during classes, thanks to which students can learn the language with all their senses, including touch, smell and taste.

At higher levels of learning, we try to develop all language skills evenly, so that our students can communicate in Polish efficiently and freely, both orally and in writing, not only during exams, but also in everyday life.

Using the Montessori method, children and young people become focused on their tasks, strive for independence, build self-belief and look at the world with trust. They are responsible, empathetic towards others, willing to help, and show great social initiative.

Montessori children are patient and persistent in their efforts. They are children who understand respect and honor and can express it towards themselves and others. Joyful children!

In the educational process, instead of grading, we use appreciation based on the concept of “Growth Mindset”, which is an attitude focused on development. Such an approach inspires our students to self-improvement and self-discipline and allows them to derive greater joy and pleasure from learning.