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Healthy education = joyful child, happy family and resourceful environment

We believe that education is the best investment in every person’s future regardless of age, gender or beliefs. It is an endless path, one that is worth starting at any point in life and by following it you can discover, experience and fulfil your dreams.  We promote education through experiencing yourself, emotions, relationships, health and the environment.

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The PLCA Foundation

The PLCA Foundation is a charity organisation registered in the UK under the number 1170478 and has been operating on the educational market for over 10 years. It was created from the heartfelt need of educating future generations of Poles, and with time the function of the charity evolved. Today, above all else, it focuses on creating an educational space for children and young people, where with the help of adults and using an original program, they discover their individual talents and build fundamental skills they need to create a happy and joyful life in harmony and wellness.



We create an educational space within which students have the opportunity to explore new knowledge and build practical skills for the future; We inspire, motivate and support multi-level development in everyone who is open to acquire knowledge in different fields – science, art, literature and culture;

We develop various skills, including language skills, experiencing change as well as accepting and understanding the various processes that influence the development of everyone's individual potential; We teach time management skills, responsibility for one's actions and management of financial and material resources by building respect, emotional, ecological and social intelligence;

We accompany you in the process of obtaining and processing information through the educational process of development of skills acquired empirically, i.e. through sensory experience and observing various processes in the natural environment, e.g. in a forest, meadow, orchard or field; We support physical development and promote a healthy lifestyle by inspiring creative habits that serve to develop and build one's own identity based on acceptance, tolerance and understanding;

We use modern communication technologies and organise classes using multimedia techniques; We encourage you to maintain authenticity and originality in various aspects of life, including by promotion of multilingualism and multiculturalism. Through dignity and respect for individuality, you have the opportunity to develop your talents and realise how to differently sow the seed so that it bares delightful fruit.

The PLCA Foundation

The Polish Language and Culture Association
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