Educational Offer

The Polish Language and Culture Association

We believe that education is the best investment in every person’s future regardless of age, gender or beliefs. It is an endless path, one that is worth starting at any point in life and by following it you can discover, experience and fulfil your dreams.  We promote education through experiencing yourself, emotions, relationships, health and the environment.

Education organised by the PLCA foundation is based on an individual approach to the needs of each person. We inspire, motivate and support the multi-level development of everyone who is open to acquiring knowledge in various fields, developing language skills, experiencing change, accepting and understanding various processes that influence the development of each person’s individual potential. Together, we create an educational space in which everyone has the opportunity to discover their talents, gifts and skills needed to evolve their lives in various aspects.

Educational programs used on our platform:

Curriculum For Polish Students Studying Abroad

In accordance with the provisions of the Core Curriculum for Polish students studying abroad, the aim of children’s education is to expand and consolidate knowledge of Polish culture, society and its geographical environment. It also aims to strengthen the process of students’ identification with their native tradition while maintaining respect for the cultural differences and traditions to their country of residence.

AQA Polish GCSE and A-Level Specification

Core curriculum preparing candidates for qualifying examinations in the UK at GCSE and A-level.

Education Through Experience

PLCA’S AUTHOR INTERDISCIPLINARY PROGRAM developed by management staff and teachers with many years of experience in interdisciplinary work with bilingual and multilingual students.

Cooperation Program With The Libratus Project

Implementation Of The Polish Curriculum Libratus Polish Online Schools is an innovative educational project enabling young Poles who live abroad to have Polish education and constant contact with their native language. Home education via online learning is a combination of new technologies and many years of experience of teaching staff. Libratus students can freely use a large number of educational materials, such as: films, animations, songs, and educational games.