Innovative Interdisciplinary Education

The Polish Language and Culture Association

Including work using innovative methods in harmony with the rhythms and laws of nature, and the natural development of humans and other living beings.

Interdisciplinary Education

Trips and walks are an integral part of education, they enable observation in natural conditions, they trigger cognitive activity manifested in asking many questions and exchanging observations, they allow the use of Polish speech in natural situations, they facilitate the comparison of Polish and English landscapes, weather, vegetation and animals. Using activities in various locations, our classes are based on education through experiencing yourself, emotions, relationships and the environment.

I@MAMO – International Young Explorer Academy

I – Inspiration

M – Motivation

A – Aspirations

M – Mastery

O Originality

The main goals of the academy:

Inspiring participants to discover their individual and unique potential, which every person has from birth

Equipping young people with tools that will help them discover their talents, strengths and aspirations

Motivating for consistent action

Supporting the development of independent thinking and creativity

Building an individual language, system of values and identity of participants

Promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism

Online School


Polish language – building and developing language competences (listening, speaking, reading and writing at various levels).

Learning about Polish literature and poetry using selected examples.

elements of history, geography and nature of Poland.

Knowledge about Polish culture and traditions.

Age Groups

6-8 years old

Group I

9-11 years old

Group II

12- 14 years old

Group III


Group IV


Certificate of completing a year at a given stage of education.

Form of classes

Two 45-minute sessions, conducted interactively online.

The Young Explorer Academy

Is addressed to children and young people whose dream is to live in joy and lightness, with the support of their family and immediate surroundings, building a rich environment in which they live and create their reality.

The program is based on exercises and experiences of interdisciplinary education, which allows for

multidimensional development of the child in terms of understanding concepts, acquiring and developing skills, creating their own strategies and building foundations needed in the further process discovering their potential, trusting themselves and the possibilities they experience in their surroundings.

The main goal of the activities is to build skills in children and adolescents that will be their compass towards a happy and safe haven in the future.

The main goals of the academy

Inspiring participants to discover the individual potential they have had since birth through learning, carefully observing and experiencing laws of nature, the variability of nature and the dependencies resulting from them.

Equipping young people with tools that will help them discover their talents, strengths and aspirations while learning acceptance and understanding.

Motivating consistent action and building relationships based on respect and trust.

Supporting the development of independent thinking and creativity.

Building an individual language, system of values and identity of participants.

Promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Expeditions and educational trips in Great Britain, Poland and Portugal.

Theatre, art and music classes based on stimulating your creativity and unleashing individual potential.